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Investor Trader?

It’s a good question… Why, when there are so many different Trading websites, courses, and “experts” out there where you can learn how to trade, should you learn forex trading with the Trading Coach to Build Your Trading Full Time Income?

We believe that you have it within you to be a consistently profitable forex trader.   There is no “one right type of person” destined above all others to build an income from trading forex.

YOU can have the lifestyle and income you want and the peace of mind and time with your family as a profitable forex trader.

All you need is the right guidance and support from a Forex Trading Coach who has been where you are now and retired with a trading income and has helped many other people just like you to do the same.

If you want to build a Full Time Income From Trading, you need a coach who can guide you and bring out the best trader in you. 

If you’ve asked yourself “How can I build an income trading forex?”, the answer is to have a guide to help you find the strongest forex trading strategy, focus on and achieve the results you want and who will be there with you throughout your journey to achieve your goals and beyond.

LIFT Investor Trader is not a forex trading course.  It is a business opportunity where we educate, guide and support you to Grow your forex trading income through the Technical, Business, Risk Management and Mindset Challenges that all profitable traders face. 

Our Team

Ron Bentley

Born and raised in Victoria, Australia, Ron Bentley co-founded The Trading Coach International with his wife Ives in 2016.

Growing up in a welfare dependant household, and later working for Centrelink as an assessor and Financial Information Officer, Ron learned that you can change your financial future and build a legacy for future generations, regardless of your circumstances, as long as you’re prepared to work smart, find the right opportunities and take productive action.

He has over 15 years’ experience as an investor and trader, 6.5 years as a government auditor and 20 years as a profitable business owner and business investor.

Ron has worked extensively with a wide range of business owners prepare for investors and with investors to find the investment opportunities that help them achieve their financial and lifestyle goals.

He brings his no-nonsense, risk managed, profit-focused business acumen into the Trading & Investing industry, to help you and your family achieve financial security your way.

A passionate and committed coach, business owner and educator, he is your coach and guide in LIFT Investor Trader.

His focus is to help you to Create Real Financial Independence for your life, your family and your community.

When he’s not coaching our LIFT Investor Traders, Ron enjoys 3D printing, walking and travelling with his wife Ives and their puppy Bailey.

Ives Bentley

Ives is the youngest of 5 very close siblings, growing up in Mindoro and Batangas in the beautiful Philippines.

Ives co-founded The Trading Coach International with her husband Ron in 2016 and is our Event and Community Manager.

Family and Community are the highest priorities in her life, because she knows that; more than any money or possessions, these can not only sustain you, but give you energy and focus to achieve any goal that you set.

Ives has provided customer service in the retail and skincare industry, in both The Philippines and in Australia.

Ives enthusiasm and love of community ensure that all of our LIFT Investor Traders receive the highest level of service and support.

A profitable LIFT Investor Trader herself, Ives also understands the challenges facing new traders as they start to establish and grow a Profitable Trading and Investing Enterprise.

Ives spends her spare time sewing, crafting, “videokeing” and enjoying life with her two favourite men, her husband Ron and their Moodle puppy, Bailey.

The LIFT Investor Trader Community

More than just a group of traders, Your LIFT Investor Trader Community will encourage, support and inspire you as you take your journey towards Financial Freedom.

Our experienced Traders and Investors come from all walks of life: tradies, accountants, stay at home parents, engineers, project managers, architects, police officers, surgeons, students and more, all willing to help you as you build your Forex Trading Business.

By participating in LIFT Trading Teams, you will have an instant access to the knowledge base of hundreds of people who are on the same journey and many who have already built what you want.

We work together as a community to share our experience, with the encouragement and support of people on a similar journey within LIFT