Denise W. Hutson

I was introduced to The Trading Coach in August 2018.
I have found a trading method that truly works… one on one support … interaction with the other members t
I’m no longer a sole trader I’m part of a larger group.
I thoroughly recommend The Trading Coach

~ Denise W. Hutson, Corporate Secretary, Norfolk Southern Corporation

Nick J – Melbourne

Melbourne-based Step 4 LIFT Investor Trader, Nick started his home-based trading business in January 2017.

Like most people, Nick was working really hard in his job as a project manager – he was earning a decent income, but he didn’t have balance in his life.

After more than 20 years in the workforce, working long hours, Nick was at a crossroads.

He was at the point in his life where he wanted to earn the same income, but also have MORE TIME and have the Lifestyle he was looking for.

Nick has a passion for sailing – heaven for him is to get out on the water, just him and his sailboat, whenever the wind was right, instead of just the occasional weekend and when his boss let him take annual leave.

Nick wasn’t looking to make billions of dollars… just enough to live comfortably and have more freedom.

Now Nick had bought shares before but didn’t have any experience trading forex. And at the start, it took him a while to learn the basics.

But by attending the LIFT workshops and online coaching events, asking for coaching and consistently applying the LIFT Trading Method, gradually Nick started building his Forex Trading Income.

Our Lead Trading Coach, Ron, met up with Nick several times and helped him refocus his goals, evaluate his progress, fill any knowledge gaps and plan a course of action to Build his Profits into a Consistent, Growing Forex Income.

Within 7 months, Nick was able to buy back his freedom, earn more from Trading than he was making as a project manager, in only 2 to 4 hours a week.

Now Nick is making 30 to 35 strong LIFT Trades per month, averaging 95+% profit per month, with a consistent positive trade strike rate of over 92%.

Nick loves the ongoing Coaching of LIFT Investor Trader, as well as the strong, supportive LIFT Trading community.  He especially loves the opportunity to now go sailing whenever HE wants.

You can see Nick’s video here:


~ Nick J - Melbourne